You Are Always a Bad Man

You Are Always a Bad Man
If she hits you, you must have done something wrong, she hit you for a reason.
If you hit her back, you are wrong as you should never hit a woman.
If you divorce her, you did the wrong thing
If she divorces you, she did it for a reason, you were bad.
If she divorces you, takes your children away and takes you through the family court system for all your money, house, alimony and child support, then you really did her wrong.
If she accuses you of rape, domestic violence or sexual harassment, you must be a bad man why would she lie about something like that.
If she cries, “inequality”, the world cries for and with her. When you cry foul, you get told to, “Man up” as if you are a crying whining boy.
According to the US Justice Department, every single crime has a false allegation rate of about 1 – 2% except for rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment and child abuse. Those have an up to 30% false allegation rate.
Face it, you are a bad man always.

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