Women Are Unhappy

Women Are Unhappy
In these times, women, in the Western World are the unhappiest of all.
They feel unfulfilled. They feel unaccomplished. And they will always blame the man they selected and labeled as their own personal “Provider”. Their dependency on their unreasonable expectations they place on that provider is so great that they have nothing to do to obtain a sense of pride that comes from doing something deserving of the fulfillment they desire.
They place all their wants, needs and desires, real or unreal on that provider and they will do nothing to get what they want, need or desire, except for another provider.
They are the ones that sit back and relinquish themselves any and all responsibility to do anything to achieve.
I hear it all the time when women tell me the reason they divorced or broke up with a man.
“I’m not happy”, the implication is that their provider did not provide them happiness.
I would love to see women that are independent. I want to see them independent from me, men, the state and their parents. I want them independent from alimony and welfare.

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