Women are Like Children

Women are Like Children
Women, just like children need constant and never ending attention when, where and how they want. When a child does not get what they want, a tantrum ensues, and the fully grown woman will throw her tantrum too. You can discipline a child with some harsh words and a punishment. But the adult female is more immune to those tactics and well above the law to hit you. She knows damn well you won’t hit her and is proud of that. She will never learn right from wrong when she can manipulate and command a group of nearby servant males to come to her aid anytime she wants, whether she is right or wrong. Police, judges and bystanders will come to her aid in no time at all. She feels vindicated because people running to her aid is proof that she is in the right.
A child needs toys and will not care where the money comes from as long as they get the toy that they will end up discarding in only a few days. The woman wants more expensive toys and will never work to get them. Her provider needs to get that.
The wedding day gives her all the attention they want on the silver platter they’ve desired. She is the center of attention. All eyes on her. Now, once you marry her, you need to, single handedly give her all the attention of the many that gave her before you got married.
But you can’t stop there. If you do not give her all she desires, she has another attention grabber up her sleeve.
Divorce gives a woman everything she missed out on that day you married and much more. She gets to be viewed as a victim of a very bad man. She is sure that man is bad because she sees every single imperfection in him, but she will never see the imperfections in herself. She gets police, judges and lawyers to defeat the bad man. She gets to temporarily feel that she is in control and empowered for getting other to serve her to destroy that bad man. She uses kids to get to see that man come back and beg for her, but he is only there to see his children. She has manipulated so many for so long that she manipulated herself to think that the man still wants her. She gets weekly payments for being married and to support his kids. But that money is going straight to her. His children is an ancillary thought in her mind.

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