Why I Choose MGTOW

Why I Choose MGTOW
They say MGTOW’s are a bunch of men that are losers because they can’t get themselves a woman.
As for myself, here are my experiences with women with regards to having girlfriends:
I had a girlfriend that became pregnant and I thought I was the father. I took care of my responsibilities above and beyond what I saw others did. I slowed down my college, took on two jobs and bought supplies, clothes, furniture and other things for the baby to come. The baby was born. I’m Caucasian, my girlfriend was too. The baby that was born, was black. She blamed me for not “being there for her”. I walked away, but I said to myself, “Not all girls are like that” and moved on.
My next girlfriend got pregnant very early on despite my careful planning. But I accepted and then there were questions. Why was she 6 months pregnant when I was only with her for 5 months. Back then there was no DNA tests. A blood test proved upon birth that I could not be the father. She blamed me for not being able to control her, but I said to myself, “Not all girls are like that” and moved on.
I became more cautious. My next girlfriend I thought I chose carefully. She got pregnant too. The developement of the fetus was on the same timeline as my presence. Then I received a phone call from someone that told me that I was interfering with his girl (my girlfriend). I invited him for coffee and we found out that my girlfriend was playing us both. $1,800 and a DNA test proved, I was not the father. Yes, she blamed her infidelity on me, but I said to myself, “Not all girls are like that” and moved on.
Then I became even more cautious. I rejected many until I was sued by a woman for child support. I only knew the girl’s first name and never laid a finger on her. She put my name on her child’s birth certificate and that was all that was needed. She was suing me with the help of the NY State Social Services. The case was dropped once it was discovered that the girl in question was petitioning the Department of Health to change the name of the father on the Birth Certificate, yet again. My name was the second name that was second father in a line of a few, but I said to myself, “Not all girls are like that” and moved on.
While the above was happening, I ran into one of my previous ex-girlfriends on the street. We exchanged numbers and the only reason she called me was to tell me that when she left me, she was pregnant and she had to abort it because I was not making enough money to raise it, trying to place her guilt on me. But I said to myself, “Not all girls are like that” and moved on.
I started to keep women at arm’s distance. Never telling them where I lived or work. (Pump and dump) in the same time that all of the above happened, I had one girl that told her friends that I had raped her. I have never touched her. Another girlfriend told her friends and mine, I raped her too. She was a pump and dumper.
I had girlfriends that told me their stepdad had regular sex with them since they were in their early teens. I had single mothers of girlfriends that wanted to have sex with me and when I turned them down, they convinced their daughter to break up with me. One aunt of my girlfriend did the same but left me alone once I turned her down. I had girlfriends whose best friends did the same.
I had girlfriends that said that they were pregnant when they were not.
Two of my ex girlfriends were married and forgot to tell me.
One girlfriend told me that she had herpes and it was nothing to worry about while telling me how she scared men off in the past by telling them she had herpes.
I finally got married. She had good parents and a cool brother. I thought this was it. Weeks after we got married, she cried to me that she was unable to have children. I was upset but accepted my fate. Three weeks before Christmas and a week before our 3rd wedding anniversary, my wife left me and moved into her new boyfriend’s apartment. Only one week before this, my wife told me that the first time I had sex with her I raped her. What?!? I raped her and she married me? Make no mistake, she blamed me too. It was my fault that I believed her.
When I cleaned my apartment out, I found all her birth control pills hidden away in her side of the closet. People told me it was my fault for not checking up on her on a regular basis and not looking in her personal stuff. She gave birth to a boy a year later from the guy she moved in with after she left me.
My ex-wife stole $250,000 from me and spent $80,000 in credit card bills under my name and lawyers said I had no real recourse.
That was nearly 19 years ago. I’m 55 years old and a man last night told me I look like I’m in my early 40’s. 22 years of looking for a woman to partner with was a living hell. 19 years of single life had its ups and downs but I will never trade the life I have for a woman!
Since my divorce, I have had 15 women propose marriage to me. I’ve declined them all. They ask me why and I tell them the stories of my past. They almost always tell me the same things;
1 – “You picked the wrong women”
2 – “Not all girls are like that”

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