TV debate with a feminist whine merchant on down-blousing, wolf-whistling, cat-calling…

Title: TV debate with a feminist whine merchant on down-blousing, wolf-whistling, cat-calling…

Created On: August 7, 2022 at 05:29PM

My thanks to Paul Elam once again for allowing me to post a video on his channel. I’m really looking forward to spending time with him again (along with other men) at the XY Crew Jamboree in Virginia, 5-10 October, details here, registration only $25.00. Tickets on sale until 1 September.

Well, this TV discussion was different! In my 10+ years of TV and radio interviews and discussions – almost all of them on our YouTube channel – I can honestly say the format was (with one or two exceptions) the same:

– the topic of discussion was one of great interest to feminists, and usually of little (or zero) interest to normal, intelligent people
– feminist host, male or female, at best uncritical of feminism and feminists, usually supportive of them
– constant interruptions and derailing
– one or more feminists challenging me (up to three)

This discussion, although on a topic of feminist interest, was VERY different. It took place recently on GB News, the ground-breaking TV channel (it’s a Trump-supoporting channel, uniquely in that regard in the UK, but in tune with almost all British MRAs, including myself) and has as its “star performer” the stellar Nigel Farage – the Great Briton without whom glorious Brexit, our “Independence Day”, our departure from the United States of Europe, would never have happened – and featured in addition to myself:

– Darren Grimes, a host who (on my previous appearances on GB News) has been very feminist-friendly, but was balanced on this occasion
– Dominique Samuels, a bright, insightful young political commentator
– Amy Nickell, a feminist whine merchant (but I repeat myself) whose contributions to topical debates include that transwomen (men) should compete in women’s sporting events.

Mike Buchanan



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