To the women of Germany, America, Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia:

– You have screamed and cried “Feminism” at the top of your lungs to no end professing your equality to men.
– You exclaimed with pride that you have no need for men. As I recall, you have said that you need a man like a fish needs a bicycle.
– You have lied and manipulated men to do your will to no end.
– You have beaten men, lied and placed false charges on men for rape, domestic abuse, and child abuse.
– You have sued men into poverty when it was convenient for you without provocation for your own personal gain when you proclaimed that man was imperfect for your immediate needs.
– You have taken kids from men, by manipulating a court system.
– You have laughed at men that had their penis severed from their body while these men were helpless and asleep.
– You gave the women that committed this sexual mutilation standing ovations.
– You have aborted our children because we were not perfect enough for you in every way that you fantasized or that a pregnancy was not convenient to your lifestyle.
– You celebrated the victory of Roe vs. Wade because you think you were born with the right to kill a child (you call it aborting a fetus because you hate the truth and the truth hurts so much) and 44 years later you have killed 52,000,000 children in the United States alone. More than any one standing army ever killed. How victorious you must feel now that you know it was your choice!
– You kidnapped countless unborn children from one man and found another man naive enough to believe that child is his to raise.
– You have lived off the blood, sweat and tears of many men only to leave them when times were just a bit too hard for you.
– You have complained about wage gaps but you won’t take dangerous jobs and overtime is always a problem for you. Yet somehow you complained when your man takes those extra hours to provide for you and his family.
– You take and never give.
– You worship gangsters, thugs, criminals, rapists, murderers and serial killers and piss on the hardworking man that is the backbone of any moral civilization.
– You take pride in taking government handouts like food stamps, government subsidized housing, free medical care, schooling and welfare, as you denounce the patriarchy that pays for all that you take
– You teach your kids to be the gangsters, thugs, criminals, rapists, murderers and serial killers that you adore and the jails and prisons are full of the product of your upbringing. Our kids are in jail because you kept them from men as you teach them to be the criminals you adore.
– You walk the streets with your banners in your hand, mocking the men that protected you all your lives.
– You raise your fists in solidarity, burn your bra and claim that you are a feminists, that you hate the patriarchy and are liberated from the tyranny of men.
Now the Islamic migrants that you petitioned the government to allow access to your countries are flooding in. They are beating, raping women like no tomorrow. Now you need our help. What’s wrong, are you not equal enough to protect yourselves and others the way men have selflessly done for millennia before the feminist movement?
Who is going to save you now from the barbarians you yourself petitioned to allow in your countries? Now you want us to risk our lives for you? What have you don for us lately?

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