The Jealousy of Women Is Insane

The Jealousy of Women Is Insane
From time to time previous girlfriends of mine found their way to my photo album. Back in the day where photos were paper and displayed in a book. Nowadays pictures are stored on phones). They would question every photo I had with another female, even if I wasn’t in the photo with them. Back in those days my hobby was photography and I had many photos. I would sometimes find certain photos of girls missing as they would take and destroy them and deny they ever did. I remember one time a girlfriend took a look at a group of pictures of my first cousin that was in a beauty pageant. She made sure she looked at my facial expressions when she asked me who that was in the picture in the hope of catching me in a lie. Those pictures were gone one day, maybe while I was asleep. It was then I found out how deep a woman’s jealousy really is. They are jealous to the point were they will not tolerate an image, thought or the spoken word of another girl in Her Majesty’s Holy presence.
I hear the same thing in modern times when a girl sneaks a peek at her boyfriend’s phone as he enters his password or conveniently asks for his password of his phone when she tells him her phone’s battery died. This is all to gain access to your photos for her scrutiny.
When a woman learns that you are working in an office with another woman, they will go nuts even if they do not show it right away. She may tell you to quit that job and find another, and if you say “no” she will find a way to swing on the monkey branch again to find your replacement. But before she leaves you she will make sure you pay for her jealousy breaking something of yours.
It seems so hypocritical that the same woman will think nothing about pushing her kids (a living, breathing existence of her former lover) on you to accept unconditionally with the promise that you will have to see the man’s face in the child and the man himself every other weekend when he comes for his scheduled visitation. You will be labeled a cheater if you ever talked to your ex while you are with her but you are to tolerate her talking to the father of her kids.

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