The HARSH TRUTH about Women Hitting the Wall (no one talks about this!)

Title: The HARSH TRUTH about Women Hitting the Wall (no one talks about this!)

Created On: October 11, 2022 at 04:15PM

The HARSH TRUTH about Women Hitting the Wall (no one talks about this!)

In this video, we will go through more Manfulness and share more opinions on mgtow, redpill, blackpill, purplepill and different manosphere stories. Not only that, but we will also share our opinions on man go their own way (or men going their own way) and share what happens when we have a reaction to it. Most of these reactions are from female and feminists who don’t agree with our lifestyle or modern style dating…

…and who get really bothered with hypergami or our different type of relationships.

We hope you enjoy our videos. Don’t take them just as dating advice for men or relationship advices but more like entertainment and raising awareness content.

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And stop simping if you are one of those! Be a real man like Sandman, Coach Greg Adams or Oshay Duke Jackson which are other mgtow (men going their own way) channels we recommend!

*We do not promote or support any harm or hate torwards any gender, relatioship status or race. We only share our point of view and we want to promote healthy choices for men, in lifestyle, finances and emotional relationships.

*Only educational reasons are intended for this video. Every history or opinion in this video (and on this channel) is my own, based on my own experiences or submited by one of our viewers. I don’t hold a professional license as a therapist, psychologist, physician or marriage advisor. You are in charge of your own behavior and actions. Without first consulting a professional, you shouldn’t take any action or rely on any of the information in video.

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