She Was Happy With Her Divorce Settlement Until…

I remember talking to this girl when, out of the blue, she proudly professed that she was recently divorced. When I asked her why did she divorced her husband, she first thanked me for assuming that she divorced him rather than the other way around. Then she said, “He was a jerk but I married him for the money. But the next time I marry, it will be for love.”
I then asked her how long was she married and how much money she get from the divorce. She answered with all the pride she could muster and told me she was married for 3 years and she received $20,000.
I congratulated her on her victory and pointed out that her $20,000 for 3 years was just slightly under $7,000 per year. I further pointed out that a full time position at a fast food establishment would have earned her the same amount in a year and after 3 years she could prove her worth and become a manager and earn more.
Her face changed when I was done. I then asked her, “How many successful relationship have you been a part of?”
Her answer was an inquisitive, “Many.”
“Then I wish you many more.”, as I excused myself and walked away.

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