Rules for Women

Rules for Women
1. Don’t make him responsible for your every want, need and desire.
2. Don’t expect him to be your doctor, lawyer, psychiatrist and handyman all in one.
3. Don’t go looking for his faults every second of the day. You have faults too.
4. You can take him out too.
5. The solutions to all your problems are not in another man when you find an imperfection in him.
6. Stop testing him, he is not a lab rat and you are not a scientist.
7. Treating him like he is your provider is dehumanizing. Strive to be equal partners.
8. Just because it is easy for you to cheat, does not mean that every text and picture on his phone is a cheating partner of his.
9. You can’t change him from what he is to what you want. Change will come for you and him if you just sit back and enjoy.
10. Stop complaining. If something is not the way you want it, take the initiative.
11. The saying “The grass is greener on the other side”, is a warning not a roadmap.
12. Know when enough is enough and when to stop. This goes for nagging, whining, crying, complaining and threatening to leave.
13. Do you really think that taking away his kids and living with a new guy that had his kids taken away is going to be less problems for you?
14. Threatening to leave him if he doesn’t want to marry you only proves to him how little you love him and how inflated your ego is.
15. Nobody can make anyone happy.
16. He cannot read your mind.
17. Stop hinting. It is not the most efficient means of communication.
18. If you ask a question and he answers it directly, don’t be sad that he didn’t figure out what you really meant.
19. If you like “Bad Boys” it’s your fault that he he is in your life. Bad means bad.
20. Just because you hint at him, doesn’t mean that you need to look deeper than his answer.
21. Manipulation is done via deceit. That is lying.
22. Having a “Plan B” is cheating.
23. Your best relationship is your first one, it’s all downhill from there.
24. Treat him the way you want to be treated.

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