Rules For Men Dating the Modern Woman

Rules For Men Dating the Modern Woman
1 – Never date a single mother or divorced woman.
2 – Never date a woman who has a bad relationship with her father.
3 – Never fix things for her free of charge.
4 – Never tell her your secrets, your full name or where you live.
5 – Never tell a women how much money you make.
6 – Never financially obligate yourself (marry) an entity whose prerogative is to change her mind and profit from you.
7 – Never spend money on women.
8 – Never lend your money to a woman
9 – Never co-sign on credit cards or car loans
10 – Never pay her bills.
11 – Never get involved with illegal immigrants that need a green card.(Marriage Fraud).
12 – Never get involved with long distance women. (mail order brides)
13 – Never let her move in with you.
14 – Never underestimate how devastating women can be.
15 – Never jeopardize your job by getting involved with female co-workers.
16 – Never give up hobbies & friends for girlfriends.
17 – Never take care of another man’s child.
18 – Never fight over a woman.
19 – Never put her needs before your needs.
20 – Never teach her how to be as strong as you.
21 – Never fight her battles.
22 – Past performance does not guarantee future results.
23 – Her ultimatum is your cue to leave her.
24 – If she has a complaint about you in any way, tell her to find a perfect man and show her the door.
25 – Provider and Chivalry means you are a slave and a servant.
26 – If she asks your occupation, she is a gold digger.
27 – Always criticize her appearance
28 – Always make her feel as if you can snap any minute.
29 – Always let her know how displeased you are with her.
30 – Always let her know how replaceable she is to you.
31 – Always make sure your needs are met before hers.
Remember, a woman wants you to commit to her and love her exclusively, she will never love or commit to you. A woman will always want you to go above and beyond to meet her very high standards yet she will never do that for you. She wants a man that will protect her with his life and she wants him to worship her for that chance to die trying to save her when she deliberately places herself in harms way.

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