Ode to a 45 Year Old Feminist

Ode to a 45 Year Old Feminist
How many men have you divorced?
How many men weren’t good enough for you?
How many men were too nice?
How many children did you make fatherless?
How many fathers did you make childless?
You’ve dated hoards of gangsters, thugs, criminals, alcoholics, and junkies while you’ve kicked the decent man in the balls for your amusement.
Now you are in your 40’s and nobody cares for your childish ways, so you take it out on your kids but they don’t like you anyway.
You want me to accept you for who you are but you never accepted the previous men in your life for who they are.
You stole a man from your kids and kids from a man, yet you want me to trust you just long enough to feed you and clothe you? Are you insane?
You are still looking for Mr. Perfect but you have no chance with the hotties that are taking your place. They will do the same as you and you will cheer them on. They will end up like you and you can’t see that.
But you’ve done nothing wrong and you will accuse me of hating all women because I told you the truth about who you are.

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