NEVER Take Relationship Advice From WOMEN | #HowToRelationship Podcast

Title: NEVER Take Relationship Advice From WOMEN | #HowToRelationship Podcast

Created On: October 15, 2022 at 08:11PM

Women have been giving dating and relationship advice for men and women for quite a while. The problem is that it’s terrible. Female dating coaches like Marni Kinrys, Courtney Ryan, and D’Nieka Marie do much more harm than good when it comes to advising both Men and women about relationships in the modern age. Donovan Sharpe and Devon are joined by Antionette Logan to discuss this controversial topic on the 9th episode of the #HowToRelationship Podcast. Please visit for more about out guest.

0:00 : Show begins!
3:50 : Today’s topic / Devon wrote an article
6:50 : Guest’s Introduction
8:30 : Why men & women shouldn’t take dating advice from women?
11:30 : Antionette thoughts on the topic
13:50 : She was monkey branching🐒
16:40 : Guest disagrees with Donovan
17:40 : Donovan asks her why was she monkey-branching
20:45 : Women give advice based on possibilities
23:20 : Women should date broke lazy low value men??
25:40 : Guest defends strippers, says anything to be right❌🤦🏼‍♂️
29:50 : Where can you find the guest?
31:00 : Why women shouldn’t take dating advice from women?
33:00 : Donovan advises women to withhold s*x & provide wifey traits instead
38:20 : Article – 25 pieces of empowering relationship advice for women
39:45 : Should women in relationship have their own life?
42:00 : Women are naturally envious of each other
43:30 : DO NOT commit to women who go to bars/clubs
44:30 : Guest disagrees…
47:00 : Don’t control women, control what you do
47:45 : Should women be friends with their ex?
50:40 : Thoughts on being needy
54:00 : Don’t commit to women with social media
56:15 : Women should make themselves available to men
1:03:00 : Is Nitpicking cool in relationships?
1:09:45 : Is Devon a slave?⛓️
1:10:40 : Where can you find the guest? / Outro!

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