My Dating Profile

My Dating Profile
OMG, I wrote this on October 6th, 2013 and I would post it on any dating site that someone insisted that I join.
I sometimes wonder what people look for on a site like this. I have been happily divorced for about 13 years. Whenever somebody is not satisfied with my current state of zen, they usually tell me to find myself a girl with whom I can settle. When they tell me of a new website to join, I join it.
When women divorce men, the general consensus is that the man must have done somthing wrong for the woman to have left. When a man divorces a woman, he is looked at as evil. Never is a woman wrong.
This was true even of my divorce. When I told people that my wife left me, they usually asked me what did I do to make her leave. When I tell people that she cleaned out my bank accounts and maxed out my credit cards to furnish her new apartment that she moved in right away with her new boyfriend, they tell me its my fault for trusting her. When I tell people that she lied to me about not being able to have children, and finding birth control pills hidden in the house after she left, they say its my fault too for not searching the home for something hidden. When I tell people that my ex-wife lied, cheated, deceived and stole from me the reply is simple for the simple minded, its my fault for picking her.
It is the current mindset that it is never a woman’s fault. When was the last time you heard of a woman that had to leave the house and the kids to the man that worked so hard to pay for the house and all of the kids care. Never. In fact, quite the opposite happens. The woman is awarded the custody of the children, the house and weekly payments awarded to the kids that the woman uses for her own needs. Just to add a insult to a injury, a man in that position, would have to pay the mortgage and the upkeep of a house while the woman that backstabbed the father of her children got the home.
When you say that women only want money, you will be attacked by women, telling you otherwise.
When I told a woman that I only attract the craziest women and that last year I received 6 marriage proposals. Her reply was quick. “You must be very rich.” Mind you she never said that I was kind or very caring, she said that the only reason that women proposed marriage to me is because I maybe rich.
I went on a date with one girl that told me the best business decision a woman can make is marrying the right man. Immediately asked for the check and paid the bill and left. I parted with the following words of advice. There are millionaires and billionaires in america, start with the billionaires and move your way to the millionaires when the billionaires do not like you.
I am so sick of these single moms in my neighborhood asking me to do something for them around the house only to find out its their way of flirting with me. I hate it even more when they ask their kids if they would like it if I were their new father.
They divorced the father of their kids because the man was less than perfect. Funny, that is why my ex-wife left me. I guess I am less than perfect as well.
Women seem to hold their single parenthood like a badge of honor. I look at it this way; since 80% of the divorces are filed by women, and 90% of all divorces are for financial reasons. It is safe to say that she most likely filed the divorce papers on the most important man in her children’s life for her perception of money problems.
My grandfather once told me; “Never complain about my efforts unless you can do better”. My guess is that the women complaining about their mans efforts to earn a living can do better. Why don’t they just do a better job?
When I was over a friends place, his mother, a very sweet lady, asked me if I was interested in a nice single woman. My friend interrupted his mother, because he knew my opinion. Later on I found out that this woman wanted me to be introduced to a woman that had 5 children from 5 different men. I really can’t see myself in that situation. Like I really want to change my lifestyle to feed and clothe 5 children that are not mine and juggle visitation schedules with men I have never met. Not me.
Women seem to hate it when a man saves pictures of their ex-girlfriends. But living in a household with another man’s children, you see the children every day and see the woman’s ex-(fill in the blank) every other weekend for visitation.
My neighbor tried to tell me about her niece that was available. I wanted to hear more. After asking my neighbor a few choice questions, I found out the following; Her niece was married and divorced 2 times with 2 children. The second child was from a man whom she had an affair while married to number one. The reason for her first divorce. The second divorced came after lucky number two found out that both of her kids were not from her first husband.
One final question before I finish. Have you ever heard of a man (without a home of his own) marry a woman with a home of her own. Have kids, then the man files for divorce then is awarded the home, the custody of the children and child support from the woman?
Now I can tell my friend that I joined this site that he recommended. Mission accomplished.
Did you even read the whole thing?
What is with some of you women? Did you really put a picture of you and your child on a dating site? Really? Did you ask them what they thought about it?

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