We have sold ourselves way too short to women for far too long. These women are not the women of the 1950’s that will raise our kids, make our homes and beds when we go out in the foxholes and risk our necks for the family. Those women made sure we came back to a clean home, clean clothes and warm food when we come home.
Today’s women want slaves that will provide for their every want, need and desire, real or imaginary. They wont do anything loving for us, we have to provide the hot meals for them after a hard days work and we have to provide $10,000 handbags, maid service and a gourmet chef at their disposal. They demand new cars and a fancy home with all the furnishings. They demand that we provide them happiness and shower them with attention, jewelry and roses all on a silver platter. They demand constant and never ending compliments and accolades.This is far more than any 10 men could ever give one female.
She will abort and kidnap our children and make us pay through the nose just for the possibility of seeing our kids 4 days a month if you dont pamper the queen like a good servant.
And what does she give back that is worth all that?
I think the time is right to say to women, “”If you want to live under my protection and to enjoy my provisions, you need to prove your worth to me.”” What can you offer a man that will risk his life to defend, feed and clothe you?
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