Men Work in Teams Women Fight

Every sport known in history has proven without a shadow of a doubt that men can and will work as a team. If that’s not enough proof for you, lets look at the longest lasting bands.
The Rolling Stones: 1962 – Present.
The Moody Blues: 1966 – Present.
ZZ Top: 1969 – Present.
Rush: 1968 – Present.
Golden Earring: 1961 – Present.
The Eagles: 1971 – Present.
Aerosmith: 1971 – Present.
U2: 1976 – Present.
Also Queen, The Who and many all male bands stick together. Banana Rama, The Spice Girls, The Go-Go’s, TLC, The Bengals and Destiny’s Child all squabbled and broke up.
Cops, judges and Social Justice Warriors still think that men are the problem.

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