Men and Women in Songs.

Whenever you hear a love song by a man, you hear him professing his love for someone. The direction of love flows from the man to the woman. From the one who has love to the target of his love. Men’s songs contain stories and information hidden or blatant. They also sing about the loss of of their target object of affection.
Modern women, on the other hand sing songs of what they want, need and desire. Their songs of love always are a want, need and desire to be loved. The direction of love is in their direction. They are looking to be the target of that love in the hopes that if someone loves them enough, their feeling of longing will go away.
One of the most obvious examples of this is a song by Whitney Houston, “I Want to Dance With Somebody Who Loves Me” where the direction of love is pointing to her. Yes I also know that Whitney sings, “I Will Always Love You” a song written by Dolly Parton in 1973.
The first is a sign of narcissism and it is very evident when you listen to people speaking. From biblical times, Songs of Solomon to the songs of Eminem and Beyonce, very little has changed except that more female song writers in the past 50 years have been singing more and more about their needs to be loved.
In high school and college when I was young, I would come across many girls expressing their need to give birth so that their newborn baby can love them. They place the burden on an infant to love them. Again, the direction of love is to them from the baby.
Most men understand that in order to change his feelings from normal to loving, an action on his part has to be taken. This is why men have fun with children (show love and affection) and they feel great. Most women wait for their baby to love them and get jealous of the love and bond that the child has with the father and thats when they find an excuse to break it off with them. They feel betrayed by both child and father.
What eludes women most about love is they will never feel love until they become loving.

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