Married 304 Cop Smashes The Whole Police Dept…Then This Happens – (From: J.R. Wisdom)

Title: Married 304 Cop Smashes The Whole Police Dept…Then This Happens

Created On: January 12, 2023 at 05:46PM

From: J.R. Wisdom

Married 304 Cop Smashes The Whole Police Dept…Then This Happens

Officer Maegan Hall, of the La Vergne, Tennessee police department, claimed to be in an “open marriage” which led to a scandal unfolding that included 7 other police officers — This scandal not only led Hall to be sacked, but led to the firings of Sergeant Lewis Powell, Officer Juan Lugo, Sergeant Ty McGowan, and Detective Seneca Shields, according to a December internal investigation. 3 officers were also suspended due to being involved in the scandal. Larry Holladay, Patrick Magliocco, and Patrol Officer Gavin Schoeberl were determined to be the officers suspended.

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  1. The firings were not based on race. Do your research BEFORE you make such baseless claims. The two black officers were fired because both were supervisors who had sex with her at the police station and while on duty. How stupid can they be? They also lied to investigators. The Hispanic officer had sex with her while on and off duty and lied during questioning {all signed an affidavit before questioning, stating that any lies told during the investigation is considered PERJURY, a legal offense}. Two of the white officers that were suspended had sex with her off duty, and off city premises. They were honest during questioning and admitted everything. The other suspended officer never had sex with her at all, but did exchange a nude picture with the female officer. He too was truthful during the investigation. The white male officer that was fired had sex with her off duty, but lied to investigators twice about it. The fact that this small department has so many black officers in supervisory roles tells me it is far from being racist. They hire Hispanic and female applicants too, obviously. I guess when you have been conditioned to see racism everywhere, it is easy to imagine it, even where none exist.

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