Mansplaining what a woman should say to that pick up line

Title: Mansplaining what a woman should say to that pick up line

Created On: January 11, 2023 at 06:57PM

And I hate dumb people of any gender. Also that man’s statement is an example of toxic masculinity in that it’s men that created that toxic environment and he’s saying because of the toxic environment men created woman can’t survive without them & it’s actually the opposite in that men created that environment because men didn’t want to survive without dominating woman. Gender relations is complicated, the correction to that false statement isn’t. No woman ever should not have a response to that and say what that man intended to say if he was properly educated is the word mostly not everything and it’s because that’s what men have wanted. For example the clothing he’s wearing was likely sewn by a woman. There’s not likely anything in that room a woman wasn’t involved in. Most of the things woman aren’t involved in more is because men haven’t wanted them to. Similar for men , there’s plenty of things like be the main parent that many men don’t do not because they can’t but because many woman don’t want men doing that. It annoys me because I’ve seen many of woman be impressed by a guy pointing out that false fact. I’ve used it, I’ve seen a woman go from idk about this guy to yeah I need him just from spewing that falsehood. But I was young & ignorant & had not really thought about it, didn’t understand business, etc. And that’s the thing about it, so many other gender topics are difficult if not impossible to prove or disprove but wheter or not woman need men to survive or men need woman to survive isn’t. Maybe not individually but in general both need each other to survive. As to the current state & blah blah blah, that’s different, that’s the result of what’s occurred & that’s not necessarily the a conversation as what should have or should. For me it’s as simple as there’s plenty of things men should be doing more of but have been discouraged just as much as there’s things woman should be doing more of but also been discouraged, & bullshit false facts/pick up lines like those don’t help much if anybody other than some stupid ignorant dude trying to have sex with some ignorant stupid woman, regardless of their potential to not be ignorant & stupid in the future

Posted January 10, 2022 –

Here’s what’s not funny to watch:

Need Help manifesting help @janecastor (instagram, Twitter ), Mayor of @CityofTampa get the message of what’s not funny to watch. My mother, Certified Internal Auditor ( Google search that ), is acting real dumb & to think @janecastor thinks that’s normal is all unnecessary drama. So please tag her in the comments, send an email, call, whatever, so that she gets the message false accusations of acting stupid maybe something to laugh about but ignoring it is &/or becomes serious business.

IN AN EFFORT TO PROVE we AIN’T STUPID & FIND JOY IN THAT, If you’re seeing this please write ‘Tampa’, in the comments 🙏

Basically the mayor of Tampa has taken trying to get help as a threat and that’s not funny.


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