I’m Not Buying Nor Am I Renting A Woman in My Life

I’m Not Buying Nor Am I Renting A Woman in My Life
They say that I’m pissed off and frustrated that I’m incapable of finding a girl to date.
Are you freaking serious?
Do you really think that I can’t find a woman that will turn down a free steak dinner at Smith & Wollensky?
I can find broads all day long willing to like me for the duration of a $200 dinner. Hell, I can make even the hottest girl pretend to like me at that price.
So, what you are really telling me is that I do not have the money it takes to make a woman like me every day. Your saying I can’t afford a woman.
I’m not buying. I’m not renting. There is a place by my side that is open for the right person. I will not beg for that spot to be filled. I will not bribe anyone with gifts and free dinners to be in that spot. I will not perform like a circus freak to impress you enough to take that spot. I will never be your slave or full time servant so that spot can be filled by you.

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