I Hate Valentines Day – MGTOW – (From: Sandman)

Title: I Hate Valentines Day – MGTOW

Created On: February 12, 2024 at 06:32PM

From: Sandman

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by the one, the only Fat Cat and here’s what she has to say: “Hello Sandman, Valentine is an interesting concept. You like someone, but you’re unsure they like you but you send them heartfelt letter to let them know they have an admirer. I don’t really get how that turned into todays circus? Since my sister is older then you, I’ve began looking at girls’ magazines way before I should have. Dating came up a lot and so did Valentines. In middle/highschool it was more of a popularity contest then anything else. It was rare for boys to get anything. With girls I wondered how many girls were giving one and other overpriced roses to show everyone that someone was interested in them? I would overhear them talking about who would buy roses for who. There was one year I was stuck at a train station on my way home. I had to wait for 30 min or so. It just looked at all the man caring roses, boxes of chocolates and every now and then shopping bags from jewelery stores. Most did not seem happy about it. Even the ones going in the flower shop seemed more annoyed then anything. At some point I noticed a lot of women had shopping bags from lingerie stores. My hubby is more like most men and hates valentines day. He calls it SAD. Single Awareness Day. He thinks everything is overpriced and overcrowded. He hates talking about feelings more then I do. In short this man is not the romantic type and not once has he ever givin me flowers. He made sure I know not to expect it. Why I put up with this, I will address some other time. Despite the corporate side of valentine I do like to do something. Thus
came forth my experiments. One year I made small gifts and personal cards for the girls I hang out with at school. I had a bag with me and handed stuff out in the hallway before class. The girls where happy. Even if the guys never said anything they sorta looked like the wanted some. A few years later I did the same thing and handed some to the guys I would hang out with as well. Mens reactions are interesting. They all knew I had a boyfriend and it did not mean anything romantic, but they where overjoyed anyway. One took a picture of the gift and sent it to his girlfriend. She called immediately. Like a 5 year old, he teased about how he got something. From the rest of the context it became apparent they had agreed not to do any gift giving that year. I’m sorry, it was just to funny to watch. One was nervous because his girlfriend had jealousy issue. My male friends get something as well and sometimes I give stuff at work. Another year I needed to call a help desk because something was wrong with my order and I wanted to know if they would be able to send me a new item before valentine. The guy made an odd response that sounded like a curse. I directly ask if he had a girlfriend and if he forgot. He said yes. Ask him if had pen an paper. He had about a week and I gave him Instagrameable ideas for a low budget about 5 to 25 euro’s. I even helped him with a base line for the card. He was happier then me after the call. All in all. Chaos, disaster all around, it looks like my work here is done.” Well Fat Cat thanks for the donation and topic. As usual I cut out the parts of your request I didn’t understand. You’re quite the piece of work creating jealousy in women by buying their men gifts. What are you evil Garfield or something? The women would feel jealous and then take it out on the men that you bought gifts for. Do you really hate humanity this much that you’re willing to kill people’s relationships with kindness? I’ll discuss more in a moment but first let me tell everyone about today’s sponsor the red pill ring:

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