I Can’t Believe What Fabio Told Me

I Can’t Believe What Fabio Told Me
A number of years ago I was sitting at a bar in Caffe Roma in Beverly Hills, California (https://ift.tt/gJIzX4a) waiting for my friends to arrive. They were late again. After a while of sitting there nursing my drink, this well dressed man with long blonde hair stood next to me. As it turned out, this gentleman was Fabio, Fabio Lanzoni! (https://ift.tt/2HiD6BJ) Fabio, you know, the Italian model that was on the cover of all those Harlequin Romance Novels (https://ift.tt/Wivlcy1) and the famous “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” ads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xszIaNpYILY That Fabio! The icon of female desire.
Well, he and I began to talk, it was so surreal, and after a while I asked him if he was married. A very serious look came on his face as he looked at me and said with a tone that I would never forget.
“Do I look stupid to you?”, he said.
He continued with, “Women are crazy.”
Here I am sitting and talking with the one man that could attract any woman he wants by his looks and popularity yet he keeps women at arms length and no more.
As you can see from the Wikipedia page (https://ift.tt/twIm9Wy) he was never married. If he wont get married, why should you?
By the way, congratulations go out to Fabio for becoming a US Citizen as of March 16, 2016. Welcome to our country, we are proud to have you.

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