I Am a Feminist Man.

I have had my eyes open and need to join woman’s struggle to be free and independent. I believe that women are our equals
I believe that they should get equal pay as men. In fact, they should get paid more than men. But they aren’t getting the pay they deserve.
I look up and down my street every day for many years and see our country going to hell and there is hardly an outcry for the misogyny that I see gone completely rampant;
Trucks delivering packages every day and there is not a woman allowed to take those jobs. And the guilty parties are UPS, FedEx and the USPS. They are secretly forbidding women to drive those trucks so that they too can have productive lives like men do on a daily basis. They are to blame. They are at fault. This needs to change.
But that is just the very tip of the iceberg that is big enough to sink our sexist country let alone a tiny ship in the North Atlantic.
I stayed home one afternoon waiting for my cable to be installed and to my surprise there was a man setting up my cable, phone and Internet. I was perplexed at this but kept my mouth shut. “Where are the female workers?” I thought.
So I called my friends to see if they agree with my observations. They too have been noticing what was in front of their very eyes. It was almost as it were hidden in plain sight. My friends said their cable providers were Verizon, Time Warner Cable, Optimum and they too started to see that their installers were men and not women.
One of my neighbors had work done on his basement and the other had his roof repaired. Again, both places had no women workers. A male plumber worked on my bathroom and a male electrician worked on my friend’s house.
I started to call plumbers, electricians, roofers, and other general contractors, and what I discovered was completely astounding. When I called these places, some of them had a female picking up the phone but that’s where it stopped. When I asked if there were any female workers that could do the work, they all replied with a resounding, “No!” In fact, some of the companies that I called even laughed at me for even asking that.
Let me get this straight, companies throughout this country are keeping their doors closed to one half of the population based on their sex and giving the most visible positions to women as a token.
To give a job to a woman as a receptionist, a job so easy that an 8th grader could do it, is a slap in the face for women around the world. Women are capable of anything and more and they are relegated to only perform menial tasks that require no thought at all.
This is a travesty that you will never see on the nightly news. In fact, MSNBC, Fox News and the rest will hire women and put them in front of the camera for the entire world to see as a token for they do not have the same male to female ratio behind the scenes.
In the television court shows, they only display mostly female judges to make you believe that the appointed judges in your local courts are equally male and female when they are not. Judge Judith Sheindlin, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Judge Lynn Toler, and Judge Marilyn Milian are the visible tokens when they know that your court system is comprised of mostly men.
The same goes with just about every restaurant I have ever visited. There is a female hostess, waitress, and maybe a female bartender where everyone can see. The sexist sided of the restaurants comes to play when you open the kitchen doors. You will never see a woman in any kitchen. Sexism is in restaurants as well. They won’t even allow a women cook.
Speaking about cooking, why are most of the celebrity chefs male? If you do a search on the top celebrity chefs you will be overwhelmed at the ratio between male and female chefs, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck, David Chang, Emeril Lagasse, Anthony Bourdain, and Guy Fieri. You have the occasional Rachael Ray and a few others that are not household words due to lack of promotion.
In the transportation industry I see in the New York City Transit Authority all the train conductors and the motormen (a sexist job title to ostracize women) are men. Their bus drivers are overwhelmingly men but there is no outcry. Stand outside the Port Authority Bus Terminal where the busses enter and you will never see a female bus driver. This is very overtly sexist without shame. I’m very sure that this is true in many cities throughout America.
You can’t find a cab in New York City that is driven by a man. Uber and Lyft are new companies that just emerged in the past few years and you would have to look real hard to find a female driver. In fact the men line up at the Taxi and Limousine Commission to get licensing to drive such cars but there is no encouragement provided by the T&LC to get women to drive and earn a decent living.
When was the last time you saw a female auto mechanic? Sears, Pep Boys, and just about any independent mechanic you find, are men.
I watched the garbage trucks that drive by picking up garbage every day and wouldn’t you know it? I have never seen a woman do these jobs. In fact, most the New York City Police Department and the Fire Department are overwhelmingly men. This is the hidden sexism and they are editing that from the news.
Feminist organizations speak out about this injustice by stating that the gender wage gap is such that women get paid 77¢ to a man’s dollar but I think that gap is much wider. These organizations respond by saying that women need encouragement in order to get these high paying jobs so that they can earn more. I say we need to go further.
We need to find the organizations that only encourage men to do these jobs and punish them for not encouraging women. By the way, these employment encouraging agencies must be encouraging men in the direction towards high paying jobs while directing women to the porn and modeling industries. These jobs overtly objectify women to the point that it’s humiliating beyond reason.
We have to do our part by voting with our dollars and only get our cars fixed where females are allowed to be mechanics. Go to restaurants that have women that work behind the scenes. We need to focus our collective monies where women are getting employed. We need to boycott taxis that are not driven by women and only take such cabs that are operated by women. Women are not allowed to be gainfully employed and we wonder why they fight so hard for alimony, palimony, child support, welfare, section 8 housing, food stamps, and social security disability. There are women’s shelters throughout America because there are no jobs for them.
Together we can help make women truly independent and productive.

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