False Accusations

False Accusations
How many here were falsly accused of rape or domestic abuse? I’m not talking about a full arrest, trial and conviction or acquittal, just the accusation is good enough for this question. For me it was 4 times.
Once right after sex, this girl that I had sex with often told me afterwards that I raped her. (I was 19 and she was in her 20’s
Another time a girl I knew (I only known her first name before this incident) told all of my friends that I broke in her apartment and raped her.
Another girl accused me of raping her when she got mad at me for telling her I didn’t know where our relationship is going? We only knew each other about a month at that point.
My ex-wife even told me, one week before she served me divorce papers, that I raped her the first time we ever had sex. (Yeah right! Then she married me)
I had a few girlfriends, growing up that told me that their stepfather was continually raping them. All those accusations were false.

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