Cure Delayed Ejaculation (women are human beings) – (From: Stirling Cooper)

Title: Cure Delayed Ejaculation (women are human beings)

Created On: February 4, 2024 at 11:00AM

From: Stirling Cooper

Cure delayed ejaculation and women are human beings. Stirling Cooper and Troy Francis discuss issues related to sexual performance and attraction towards women.

The conversation begins with a question from a guy who is concerned about lasting too long and being too thick. Stirling suggests that one cause of delayed ejaculation is excessive porn use which creates the need for more extreme stimuli to achieve excitement. The second possible cause lies in the correlation between serotonin levels and climax speed. Stirling suggests that increasing serotonin levels can help reduce orgasm time. In this case the self-induced technique of “blue-balling” oneself to reach orgasm more quickly.

They then discuss a question about being turned off by women doing regular human activities, such as eating or driving, and the idea of idealized sexual objects versus seeing women as human beings.

Stirling Cooper is an award-winning adult film star and the world’s best sex coach for men. Here he talks with @RealTroyFrancis

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