Beware of Dating Single Mothers

I say, “Never Ever Ever Under Any Circumstances Date A Single-Mother No Matter What”
Give me a reason and I’ll add it to the list.
1) You run a risk of being accused of sexual child abuse
2) In some countries you would be liable for child support of children that are not yours.
3) There desperate for someone to get resources from, hence they’ll pick anyone.
4) You’ll become the newest babysitter and YOUR social life will vanish
5) If she can not love or forgive the most important man in her child’s life what chance do you have?
6) Between her career, time with her kids, with her family and the kids’ father, she will have no time for you other than to do chores for her.
7) Would you want another man in your child’s life if you were ejected from the family?
Her ex might still be in the picture. It’s very likely he will be a large part of her life for at least the next 18 years
9) When you correct the wrong the child is doing, you get, “You’re not my father” in return
10) When you reprimand that child, you run the risk of the child telling its biker gang father that you hit them and the father retaliating.
11) I have heard many girls of my past talk about having an affair with their stepdad. Most were not true but how would you like to be accused of statutory rape all because of a girl’s fantasy mistaken for reality?

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