Beware of a Woman That Loves You

In NYC the rents are unbelievably high unless you have a Rent Controlled apartment that froze your rent from the 1970’s. (Rent Stabilized apartments are different) A friend of mine was born in the 1970’s and lived in the same apartment until 2009. He invited his girlfriend to move in after knowing her for only a few months. She then called the police and filed false charges of domestic abuse on him. She filed an order of protection on him and had him kicked out of the apartment he was born in. Now with rents in New York City upwards of $3,000 a month for a 1 bedroom apartment, this girl lives with her sister and her niece for $430 a month. The man lost his job, career, apartment, all of his possessions and had to live in a homeless shelter while attending anger management classes before he could leave the state and move in to his brother’s home in Pennsylvania.

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