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The Hidden Power Men Have Over Women
For those of you that are younger and think you would never get a girl as good looking as the one that just backstabbed you. Think about this;
My father married a 25 year old when he was 48, he is still with her and he is 82. I have 2 brothers and a great stepmom through that union.
My father’s father married a 23 year old girl when he was 52 and had 6 kids on that marriage.
My mother’s father was well into his 60’s and he had 2 girls chase him. One was 28 and the other was 30. My grandfather wanted nothing to do with these two. He went home to his wife of 40+ years. He was not rich at all.
In my years as MGTOW, (since December 2000) I had 23 1/2 women propose marriage to me. The 1/2 was last month when a tenant of my father told me she had a sister that would marry me in a heartbeat. The rest of the women were looking for green cards or someone to help pay for another man’s kids.
Many more young cute girls would get married to a 50 year old man than a young cute boy marry a 50 year old woman.
Men have always had a power they have never used.

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