Andrew Tate Is Sneako’s Top G

Title: Andrew Tate Is Sneako’s Top G

Created On: August 17, 2022 at 05:00AM

🔴 SNEAKO reacts to itscomplicatechannel asking controversial social questions on the street of Las Vegas. Sneako Shneako talks about Red Pill Black Pill Blue Pill Objective Truth.

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🔴 Red pill is the objective truth, not just about women, but about men and women in modern society as a whole. Feminism has made men very weak and women masculinized.

Sneako and others like shneako, andrew tate, 1stman, hamza, young don, all say this. They hate it! Many men and women unfortunately fall into this new culture influenced by social media like tiktok, instagram, youtube, twitter, femininity masculinized modern modernity

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