A Friend Wrote Me The Following #3

A Friend Wrote Me The Following #3
I lived with my mother and her husband until I was 15.
She told me that she didn’t know if my biological father was alive or not.
It was all a big lie. My father was alive and paying 20% of his monthly salary to my mother. It was automatically deducted from his check. In addition, the medical insurance was paid as well. She got the money every month.
When I was 14, I wanted to travel to another country for my 15th birthday, and discovered that my father was alive and paying something similar to alimony.
I searched and found him. He was living in the same city, in another neighbourhood and still working for the same government office.
So, both my mother and former stepfather lied to me for years.
She divorced him as well.
Those things happen.

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