A friend wrote me the following #1

A friend wrote me the following #1
I moved to Florida an was engaged to my child’s mother for 2 years. I was going to full time night classes so I could be with my daughter during the day. I got injured in the Marines in ’07 which made the Florida Police Academy really tough to accomplish in 2012, but I did because I knew it was my only hope of keeping and supporting my daughter.
Then she walked out on me, taking my daughter with her. I spent $5,000 on an attorney which did absolutely nothing for me, because he couldn’t serve her mother the papers. Florida has awful laws for unwed fathers. I’m on the birth certificate and my child has my last name but I have zero rights because you must be married to the child’s mother before you have any rights to your child.
So, January 2013, her mom took off with my child again to another state. It took me a year and a half to find out that they were in North Carolina. Back in 2011 I bought her a brand new Nissan Altima which, of course had to be in my name because I had perfect 760 credit score back then. She let it get repossessed, which made my credit go to 450.
So back to me after finding out she ran; I applied for Tampa Police Department, which I didn’t get the job because I failed my mental evaluation. They told me I was emotionally unstable due to my child being taken. They told me to try back again in 8 months.
So at this point I had no reason to live in Florida any more then I moved back home to Texas to be around family and friends and try to regroup and find my kid.
I went from a $60,000 year career to no career at all. From a 760 credit score to 450, and I lost my only purpose and my joy (my child).
So 3 weeks ago I moved here to North Carolina to fight for my baby girl. I’m not sure how I will get that done because I spent most my money getting put here and paying rent and other expenses. But I can’t give up. She is 6 yrs old and I haven’t seen her since Nov 22, 2012. It has literally killed me. One day Madi daddy will hold and kiss you again.
Why does this man have to fight to be in his child’s life?
Our prayers are out to you my brother.

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