1940’s vs. Modern Feminists

1940’s vs. Modern Feminists
In the 1940’s my grandfather, with two kids, went and voluntarily joined the army and fought in World War 2. My grandmother didn’t leave him to look for another man to support her. She went out and became a housemaid to pay the bills. Side note: My grandmother was a maid for the famed actor and writer, Orson Wells.
My grandmother worked hard while my grandfather did his part.
What will women do today if their husband and father of their children was away for 8 hours? They would scream and cry that they were not getting enough attention. They would spread their legs wide open for the next man that has enough money to afford them and her kids in the hopes that that man will pay all her bills because she allowed him to have sex with her.
Pay my bills because I had sex with you. They get pissed off when you wont assume every little responsibility they refuse to own, after sex. They get pissed off when you call them whores.
Whores have sex for money. Women, in these times, want you to support them in every way imaginable for the opportunity of having sex with them.

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