You’ll be surprised at what Andrew Tate believes about female promiscuity.

Title: You’ll be surprised at what Andrew Tate believes about female promiscuity.

Created On: November 27, 2022 at 03:54PM

Andrew Tate offers his opinion on female promiscuity. In this clip, he doesn’t defend his position very well. Tate believes men can be promiscuous, but women cannot. He bases his opinion on the fact that women would have a hard time proving paternity if a woman gets pregnant. Andrew Tate’s reasoning of course is faulty because paternity can be proven very easily and effectively with a simple DNA test. He is not crushing this interview, but by the tone of Tate’s voice, he believes he is. The bottom line is that one woman for one man works pretty well without too many problems. That solution satisfies most people and will probably satisfy Tate himself at some point in the future.


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