Who is Laughing Now?

Who is Laughing Now?
In the mid 1990’s a psychiatrist friend of mine called me a misogynist for pointing out how violent women are. He also pointed out that I was the problem in searching out women like the ones I have been involved with. In addition, he told me that I sought out men that were like me that had the same attraction to problematic women. He no longer wanted to be my friend and told mutual friends of ours a whole host of lies about me from telling people that I beat my wife to, I told him to buy stocks that went under to, me hitting on his hideous live-in woman he refused to marry. Yet he was the one, I found out after the fact, that was hitting on my wife when I was married. He even told friends that I wrote a bad review on his book when Amazon.com only sold books. He said that I needed medication for my neurotic ideas. Then he terminated our friendship right there.
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