Top 10 Cruel Things Women Do To Men – TheXYGhost way

Top 10 Cruel Things Women Do To Men – TheXYGhost way
There was this article sent to me back in 2009.
I read it and thought it was weak. Then I looked at the author and found out a woman wrote this. So I decided to write my own article. I started writing it back then, but for some reason, I had to stop. This week, 8 years later, I finished my version of the article, finishing items #1 & #2 just now.
Top 10: Cruel Things Women Do to Men and How to Avoid Them.
10: They Don’t Pick Up The Phone.
Girls relinquish their responsibilities when it comes to the initiation of relationships. They feel any action on their part is an act of desperation. Lets face it, when was the last time a girl took you out, asked for your contact information or even bought you a drink to get to know you? Even after the courtship is over and the wedding ring has been on for many years, girls will still complain that their husbands will not take them out as if they had no ability to go out on their own or even set up something for the man they claim to love. Some girls feel that returning a call is too much work putting towards the relationship start up. Barring the fact that you are some notable, wealthy individual, she will never initiate a conversation with you let alone ask you for your number. Although girls require men to take the initiative in the courtship process, they will label unwanted men desperate for taking the same action they expect from a man they desire. Girls have a much stronger need to be in a relationship than men because their principle need for security. A man around to protect her, is a major step up to her security needs. Chances are that her grandmother, in the 1960’s, burned her bra and raised her fists in solidarity along with Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda and Billy Jean King to prove they are equal to men. There is no equality. Men are men and women are women and they will never be equal. With that in mind, If you happen to get a phone number from a girl, and that number happens to be real, treat all women equally. When you do call and get to the point of leaving a voice mail, leave only one message and one message only. At the end of that message, in a nice way, state that if she doesn’t call back that it was good meeting her. After that call, never call her again! If you do call her again, she will then know that she means more to you than you mean to her. She may even label you a “Puppy dog” if you call a third and fourth time. Either case, it’s a bad place to be if she thinks you need her more. You never ever give away a valuable prize cheaply. If she wants to earn the type of security that a man is capable of giving, she has to earn that prize. A man has the innate ability of sacrificing his own life to protect others. A long time ago, I was told that if you ask more than once, you are begging. Don’t beg for the chance of giving away a million dollar prize that is innate in you.
9: They Use Men for Free Drinks, Dinners and Nights Out.
This has been true always. Girls do this and you need to understand that. Girls use men to pay for this petty vice more blatantly than ever before. Some girls deliberately leave their homes without any cash in their pockets as insurance that they will not buy their own drinks. Never put yourself in the position that you have to buy a girl something she has yet to earn. Do not be her personal automatic teller machine. Do not be her sucker. Girls hate suckers yet they are great in making men their sucker for a day. Don’t prove to her how big of a sucker you can be. You are not so desperate for a conversation that you have to pay someone to listen to you. In a bar situation, only approach girls with a drink in their hand when you have a drink in yours. If she finishes her drink quickly in order for you to pay for another one, ask her, “Is that the cost of talking to you?”, and walk away. She may slap you, but read on how to deal with that. Maybe it would be better to just walk away without saying a word. I usually leave with this quote; “Now I see why you are a magnet to wimpy and desperate boys”. My line of thought is that someone desperate for conversation will pay for someone to listen to them.
8. They Use Men As Placeholders
A placeholder needs to be explained. Since a girl’s first priority is her self security, she needs a man around her until she finds, “the right one for her”. Put simply, a placeholder is a man that she is with until she finds the man she wants. Girls usually do not leave their man until they have someone to go to. In some cases, that go to place is their parents’ place. You can avoid being a placeholder by making sure that she earns the abilities you possess that she needs. Show that you are not tolerant of nonsense. Even though she wrongly earmarks you for a placeholder, she will eventually see that she has to earn you as a prize and then she will respect you. More about that coming up.
7: They Emotionally Manipulate Men
This is as straight forward as I can get without a prescription; Immune yourself from the most powerful weapon a woman has against you. Superman has his Kryptonite but unlike Superman, you can remove this deadly, weapon from your life. Crying is emotional blackmail and girls can cry on command as easy as your uncle could fart on command when he told you as a child, “Pull my finger”. Girls get a lot of mileage from crying and they use it whenever and however they can against you. Unless your girl is physically hurt and injured, ignore all tears and get to the point at hand or excuse yourself away from her as fast as possible until the tears are gone. When she sees that you are not putting up with her nonsense, you win. Crying and other emotional tactics in her arsenal are a way that she regresses her behavior to resemble a helpless child. If a child gave you that look, pouted and cried, you are still going to say no to more candy.
6: They Use Violence
Men know that physical violence is the last resort of any confrontation. Girls on the other hand have never experienced the physical ramifications of their violent attack. Men wont hit back. Being a woman does not give you special rights to assault anyone whenever you want without repercussions. Men are told never to hit women under any circumstances but what is a man to do if his child is being attacked by a crazed woman? If you are hit by a girl that you know, stop everything and make a really big deal about her hitting you. Do not hit back but make it a really big deal and verbally reprimand her for doing that. There is no excuse for hitting and you have to show her that you are not playing games in this serious matter. Raise your voice and keep focused on the fact that she hit you and you are not taking it laying down. When a girlfriend of mine hit me a second time, I told her right then and there it was over. There is no excuse for hitting unless she is being attacked.
5: The Criticize Men in Public
This is one of the things girls do best. If you are in a public argument with a girl you date, she will air out all of your most intimate secrets not related to the argument without any warning. She will attempt to make you feel as small and insecure as she possibly can. What she doesn’t know is how she is showing all within earshot that she can’t keep secrets and she can’t be trusted. Let her know that she is no longer trustworthy and treat her as such. I would just walk away as if she didn’t exist. Girls hate that you will not give them any attention.
4: They Don’t Disclose Their Relationship Status
There are two reasons that a girl will not disclose their relationship status; One, its non of your business and she just enjoys the conversation. If she accepts drinks from you and still does not disclose her status, that is a problem but you now know, after reading this article, that you are not so desperate for someone to listen to you that you have to pay someone in drinks at a bar. The second reason is that they are playing the “available” card in the hopes that you are interested then you buy them a drink. Refer to item #9. The real problem resides when a girl that easily tells everyone she meets that she is attached, everyone except you. Is she lying to others to get rid of them or is she telling the truth and not revealing the truth to you? Does she have a placeholder that she labels a boyfriend to ward off unwanted men at her command and earmarks you as her next upgrade? This is a judgement call you have to make. A girl that will upgrade her placeholder to you, will replace you too.
3: They Withhold Sex To Make A Point.
There is only one word for someone who uses sex for a personal gain. Take it from there. There is nothing much you can do when you are financially obligated to her in the form of a marriage. If you get some for elsewhere, that is grounds for her to take everything you own. There are other ways to discourage a wife’s behavior. Since she married you, she found something valuable about you, take that away from her. Two can play at that game. Take credit cards, jewelry, cars, whatever you bought her in the past. If your girlfriend does this to you, then you can take a walk and not tell her anything when you return. Let her imagination get the best of her.
2: They Test Men
Women will test men on a constant and never ending bases until you put a stop to it right away. Tests come into play in a variety of different ways.
A – She accuses you of something so that you can be on the defensive as you explain to her what she will not take time to figure on her own. She will accuse you of not loving her, loving someone other than her, lying, cheating, etc. If you get one or more of these on a daily bases, you simply say, “If you think that I don’t love you, then you must be doing something wrong, and now you must leave. Women hate when their man is defensive. To her it looks like you fear her.
B – She will flirt or talk about another man as if you should be jealous of this guy. Again, let her know that if she pointed out that you are not good enough, tell her to find a perfect man and leave you.
C – They start petty arguments to see how you deal with conflict. Again, kill cancer before it kills you.
Women can conjure up tests on the fly without rhyme or reason. Their feeble tests and outcomes are not scientific in nature and you are not a lab rat to be tested by an immature amateur scientist.
1: They Flirt To Inspire Jealousy
If there is one emotion that women obsess over all others is the one of jealousy. From my days in grade school, middle school, high school, college and into my 50’s, the talks that women cackle to their gaggle of friends is of jealousy. They speak of jealousy as if jealousy from a man equates to love when, in fact, they hate when they are jealous.
For decades I have listened to women as they have professed how they want to “make him jealous” but I never heard them saying how much they want to make a man feel loved, comfortable, happy or proud. Jealousy is the feeling woman prefer to invoke their men overall.
Jealousy is nothing but insecurity, anger and frustration and a woman loves when she has the power to invoke such emotions from the man she so calls the one she loves. She will manipulate this emotion out of a man as if that man is her personal play toy. She will flirt and talk about other men until she gets what she wants. Like all things in this article, cut it off before it grows and consumes you. When you see her working overtime to force you to have the emotion, she demands of you, dismiss her and tell her it’s over.
Remember, never ever threaten or hit anyone that hasn’t hit you first, especially not a woman, but always let the girl know that you are prepared to go to jail over her foolishness.

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