The Many Powers That Men Have

The Many Powers That Men Have
Men have this unbelievably unique ability to ignore everything and anything to fully concentrate all of his focus on one thing and one thing only until the job is done. This is evident when men watch the game of their choice and ignore everything anyone says or does until the commercial comes on.
Men also have the ability to self sacrifice for the good of their teammates. “Take one for the team”, tragically, we see evidence of this during WWI and WWII, when men jumped on a live grenade to save members of his team.
Women constantly think anything an everything is connected to each other.
How they look is dependent on how others perceive her looks.
How they feel is dependent on how she looks
How successful she is depends on how she feels.
Furthermore, after 60 years of the feminist movement they still believe the best business decision they can make is to marry the right man. Dependency yet again.
Every time I read a story about why women cheat it almost always surrounds her dependencies on others. You can hear it clearly when she accuses, “He didn’t make me happy”, “He made me upset”, “He made me feel unwanted”, “He made me cry”, and so on. Then you can hear it again when she says, “He makes me feel good”, “He makes me feel confident”, “He makes me laugh”, “He makes me smile”.
There always is an outside dependency for her.

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