The Many People You Need To Contend With When You Have A Girlfriend

The Many People You Need To Contend With When You Have A Girlfriend
When you are in a relationship with a woman, there are too many people you need to contend with.
Your girlfriend secretly wants your best friend
One of your friends wants your girlfriend.
Your girlfriend has a “guy friend” that’s her “Plan B” who she puts in the “Friend Zone” but you need to accept that from her but she will never accept the fact that you have lunch with a female coworker from time to time.
There is a guy at her job that she also secretly likes and another guy at work that likes her and she tells you about him.
Her fat and ugly single “best friend” hates you because you took her dependency away from her. You see, that ugly broad can’t attract any guy on her own so she uses your girlfriend’s attraction to get noticed. Your girlfriend likes that fat blob because she feels better looking in contrast.
One of her friends really likes you over the man she pretends to love. This girl and the fat one are constantly trying to break up you and your girlfriend. They both stand to gain.
There is the guy that your girlfriend leads on so she can manipulate you into fighting for her. That would really turn her on.
And they always seem to say, “Not All Women Are Like That”

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