The Gillette Ad and More

The Gillette Ad and More
To all those not understanding why so many men and women are against the Gillette ad.
This is not just about the one ad. It is a combination of a strategically targeted attacks against men and boys in general. Here is a list of ONLY Australian events.
A Australian wide, government funded, feminist led DV awareness campaign targeting only male perpetrators.
Petitioning of mens awareness films such as The Red Pill to shut down screenings and threats of violence made if failure to comply.
Push from feminist groups to rename fathers day ‘special persons day’.
Airline policy not allowing unsupervised children to sit next to men.
Duluth model of DV – only men can be perpetrators.
National campaign to end “violence against women”.
Women standing up for male issues being targeted by feminists.
Women being name called by feminists for acknowledging male issues. Terms such as “internalized misogyny” are used. Implying the women that supports mens issues are trying to appeal sexually to men.
Women being labeled “gender traitors” for wanting to discuss men and women’s issues.
Minister for women. No minister for men.
Julia Gillard and women’s groups continuing to try to removed shared parenting laws.
The ludicrous idea of male privilege.
Lisa Wilkinson on The Project openly being able to say “Men are the problem”, without repercussion.
Advertising displaying men as the “dumb” dads.
Cafe’s having a “mens” tax to offset an imaginary gender wage gap.
Australian Army male recruiting ban in 2017.
Women’s pink parking in shopping centers.
Feminists commentators being able to make statements of “kill all men”, and “I bath in male tears”, whilst a male will loose his job for commenting on a woman’s dress.
Female only superannuation top up, paid for by men.
Men in universities having to take consent tests.
The fortnite gamer, who was attacked repeatedly by his partner (who has a history of violence) being painted as the abuser.
Mens rights march to raise awareness into male suicide and family court issues being counter protested (by feminists) and misrepresented in the media.
Men being abused in social media ever raising male issues online.
Consistent fabricated statements to stifle discussion on male issues. Such as “derailing”, “mansplaining” etc etc.
#whataboutary – only applies to men.
Man spreading!
Man splaining!
Boys having to compete with genitalia, regardless of merit due to gender quotas.
Zero discussions into male workplace deaths.
Mens sheds being petitioned to be gender inclusive whilst female only gyms being protected.
Barbers being charged with discrimination on the grounds of gender.
Men being attacked and shamed for using “parents” rooms.
Fathers discrimination in family court.
Sunrise, studio 10 and numerous other media outlets consistently releasing segments about women having it harder. Do you think men need to do this? Should men do that?
Next to zero discussion into male suicide.
No services for male domestic violence victims. And no discussion in regards to it.
Zero male victims of DV funding.
No discussions into male health issues and 10% of the funding.
No media discussions on international mens day.
Discrimination awareness training in the workplace, focusing solely on women.
Gender wage gap, ignoring men on average work longer hours.
Consistent discussions on toxic masculinity, without discussing the inherent issues within femininity.
Politicians being able to call all men “morons and pigs”, without ANY repercussions despite that same politician hypocritically going through a sexual discrimination case.
Domestic violence campaigns such as White Ribbon being able to go around to our schools telling boys to stand up in front of the class and sware an oath to the girls, however the opposite is not reciprocated. This gives the boys the idea that they are inherently dangerous because they are boys.
Boys failing in school and university with nil discussions into how to resolve this.
Male victims of DV (Such as the John Howard saga) being misrepresented as the perpetrator.
This continues every single day and Australia is tired of it.
If we cannot bring girls and boys up together, equally, and address each others faults, then we with further divide our country and create more tension.
This feminist attack is dangerous and toxic.
Consistent subtle attacks then being gas lighted telling us we are imagining it.

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