The Aftermath of 2 Girls Hidden From Their Fathers.

The Aftermath of 2 Girls Hidden From Their Fathers.
Today I ran into a friend of mine that retired to Florida. He came back to NYC to visit. He told me that his 44 year old daughter contacted him from out of the blue. You see, when my friend returned from duty in Vietnam, he settled down with a woman. When only 8 months pregnant, she ran away, never to be seen again. Well, the baby turned out to be a girl that he had never seen. She found her father through and wrote a letter, that ended up arriving at the man’s old place of residence where his son lives.
It turned out that his newly found daughter lives 8 miles away from were her father retired. She has 2 kids, one 10 the other 13. He says that his daughter looks and even acts like him and they even “”complete each others sentences.”” He is happy now that he has grandchildren to watch over.
As for the mother, when her kids grew up, that woman and 2 other boys from 2 other fathers, she got involved with a gang of criminals. They were shooting heroin and she died somehow or another. He didn’t give much detail and I didn’t press him for any.
Anyway, he is happy. This is the second daughter that came back to him. The other one, from a past wife, ran off just to get the child support. When this daughter came back to him 20 years ago to confront him on not paying child support, this man opened his desk drawer and gave his daughter a box of canceled checks proving otherwise.

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