Not ALL Women Are Like That

Not ALL Women Are Like That
If you talk about women, in front of women about how great they ALL are, not one woman will stop you. If you state that ALL women are beautiful, strong and intelligent, they will nod their heads in unison. If you state that ALL men are pigs, weak, cheaters and deadbeats, the women will not raise a voice to object.
If you state the fact that 80% of women are home wrecking their own family by initiating a divorce or breakup because they found a flaw in that man, you will watch the women jump out of hibernation and say these words.
“Not ALL women are like that!”
“You hate women.”
“Who hurt you?”
“You just pick the wrong women.”
“Where do you find these women?”
In an instant, the woman defends “The Female Collective” unceasingly at all costs to herself and others.

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