My Grandfather During WWII

My Grandfather During WWII
In the 1930’s my grandfather came to America waving the American flag. He kissed the ground of his new homeland. He worked hard and studied to become an American citizen. He married an American woman and had two kids, my mother and my uncle.
When WWII broke out by grandfather volunteered to join the US Army. He left his wife and children behind to do his part for his adopted country.
By herself, my 8th grade educated grandmother took a few jobs as a maid and supported her family. There was no Food Stamps, there was no Welfare, no WIC, no housing projects or Section 8 housing.
For 2 years this went on, no telephones, a few letters as my grandfather never knew enough English to write a letter.
My grandmother held on to her family. She didn’t complain that she didn’t have enough attention from her husband. She never once complained that she didn’t have a $10,000 Gucci purse.
Today, we see migrants entering this country illegally, with hatred and distain in their hearts for the country of which they want to be a part. They burn our flag and wave the banner of the country they are fleeing. They demand welfare and housing from the government they despise.
The women of today praises the government to break up their family, demand free and subsidized housing, food and medication while financially destroying the most important man in their child’s life. They switch their dependency from a man to the government and the shout out that it’s not enough and they are empowered and independent.
When I tell this to today’s woman they dismiss all I have said with the phrase, “That was then.”
Do you think that today’s woman can do what my grandmother and other women did during a time of crisis? They will leave on the first sign of trouble to switch his child’s father at a drop of a hat. Yet the women of today claim their independence and shout to the world how empowered they are.

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