Lunch With My Sister

Lunch With My Sister
I had a late lunch with my liberal, leftist, Democrat sister today that had 3 kids from 3 different men and lives in NYC housing projects on government money. She had 3 child support payments and government subsidized housing, free gas and electricity, food stamps, and welfare. Meanwhile, she sublet one of her bedrooms for market rate and she had an off the books job. Now that the kids have grown, she bought a house on the waterfront in cash while maintaining the government subsidized rent.
She said that Trump was a racist that is only using the presidency to make himself richer. She never question the $149 million Hillary Clinton made while she was Secretary of State or why she has $31 million in 4 mansions. She faults him for ending the war in Syria when Obama campaigned to end the wars as his number one priority. Instead Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner before he was president for 2 months, started 12 wars including the one Trump ended in Syria.
The truth is that she wants to protect her source of income from her current husband, the government.
In my conversation with her I mentioned that every woman hates her husband. She corrected me by saying, I never hated any of my husbands, I just knew it was time for them to leave.

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