How and Why Women Pick Their Partners.

How and Why Women Pick Their Partners.
Women partner with those who will elevate their status; either by association or by contrast.
Elevating by association:
Most women of a certain strength reject men they perceive are weaker than they are.
If a woman is rich, she rejects men she perceives are less financially successful than she is.
If a woman has a college degree, she rejects men with no degree.
If a woman has 2 college degrees, she rejects men with less than two degrees.
If a woman is tall, she rejects men that are shorter than her.
A female bodybuilder will reject all men that are not at her level.
A woman with a 140 IQ will reject men with lower IQ than herself.
Women hate lesser men than herself. She will kick a man out of her life once she sees that she can overtake that man.
Whatever a woman thinks is her strength, she rejects men that are lesser than her strength.
In short, if a poor woman marries a billionaire, she becomes a billionaire by association.
Mind you, perception is the key here. If a man is smarter than a woman who perceives herself smarter, she will leave.
Elevating by contrast:
Imagine, if you will, all of the above scenarios with the woman deliberately picking men that were less than they were. When she does, she will hold those strengths over that man’s head every chance she gets. This is also why she partners with the gangster, thug, criminal, substance abuser, ex-convict, gambler, sweet talker, liar, cheater, woman beater, jerk, married men, con artist, lazy idiot, and abuser. They love the bad boy that is weaker than a man.
The problem is women. Women are the ones that pick men and women are the first to divorce them.

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