Here is what I do not understand

Here is what I do not understand;
Why are there so many females heading up the Fathers’ Rights movement? That makes no GOD damn sense. I started up this account to empower men and to shatter the angelic images of females in the heads of men. I post stuff all day, more than any Mens’ or Fathers’ rights group. I never asked for money and I am only one person they are groups of male followers lead by Judas Goat females leading men to slaughter. I have my own group (Men Only) and I only friend with men, no females. I have complimented women on their comments and even posted videos of great women of today. I do not hate strong, powerful, intelligent, creative women. I wish they could all be that way. Instead I see bossy, vicious, vindictive, money grubbing whores and women that enjoy leading men.
There was this female who put her kid’s face on her profile. No doubt a single mom that walked out on the father yet she feels sorry for the new man in her life whose wife walked out on him. Now she is the admin that deleted one of my posts.

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